• This is an individual membership available to couples aged 18 or over. It may be gifted to Juniors by an adult but will only come into effect on their 18th Birthdays. Juniors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at events.
  • It is attributable to the persons named at the time of registration. It is not refundable, nor transferable.
  • Membership is valid from the date of purchase, for the respective lifetime of each of the Bearers and while the Clan Farquharson UK Society is actively in existence.
  • Membership entitles the Bearers to attend events at the annual Clan Farquharson UK Gathering, to receive a copy of the bi-annual Newsletter "The Lion's Face," to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to other benefits as listed.
  • Upon initial registration, the Bearers will receive a Certificate of Membership, signed by the Clan Chief.
  • Clan Farquharson UK reserves the right to review the Membership fee annually however this will have no impact upon the fee paid for this current membership during the period of its validity.
  • For further details and updates, the Bearers are invited to consult the website or the Memberships section of
  • Any requests for membership-related assistance should be addressed to The Memberships Secretary.

Life Membership Couple

  • Two Membership Certificates (A4 Colour) will be personalised and sent to the purchaser within two weeks of purchase (although please allow for some delay due to the impact of the Covid pandemic).