Following the success of our 2020 Virtual Gathering which achieved recognition at the 2020 Virtual Society Awards and won the Editor's Choice Special Award at the Covid Comms Awards celebrating "Brilliance in Communication during the Pandemic," we look forward to building upon this experience in 2021. The plans for our 2021 Gathering (8-14 August) will be published in May or June once we have a better idea of the Covid landscape, however we hope to make 2021 more of a Hybrid event, blending onsite with online where possible.

PLEASE NOTE: The text below and associated programme refer to our 2020 Virtual Gathering.

Welcome to Clan Farquharson's 2020 Virtual Gathering website! We have endeavoured to create an immersive online experience that best reflects the exciting programme of events we had lined up for the annual onsite Gathering in Royal Deeside but which was compromised by the uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, the creation of this Virtual Edition has opened up an array of additional content and opportunities that we have included for your pleasure. These include musical performances, traditional events, interviews, virtual tours, social get-togethers and competitions. Some items need to be booked in advance and all registrants must be 18 years or over. To begin this voyage of discovery, simply click on the images below.


While you are free to explore our plans for the Virtual Gathering, many of the Key Elements won't go live until the dates of the Virtual Gathering (9-15 August 2020) and will only be accessible to active members of Clan Farquharson UK and of our affiliated Overseas Societies. Membership is open to anyone with a genuine interest in the Farquharson clan and we especially encourage anyone whose surname is historically linked with our clan to join. Click HERE to see the list of 218 Names! Perhaps yours is among them?!


To become a member and to discover the associated benefits, please visit the Membership Page of our main website. There are plenty of affordable Membership categories to choose from!

Meanwhile, welcome once again to the world of Clan Farquharson. We hope you enjoy this online experience!


Clan Farquharson UK is a Non-Profit organisation, run entirely by volunteers with the aim of promoting Scottish Clan Heritage, Traditions and Culture and especially those of Clan Farquharson, one of Scotland's most prominent Clans. With over 200 family names with ancestral links to Clan Farquharson, there exists a diaspora of over 5 Million people worldwide with connections to the Clan. In addition to Clan Farquharson UK, there are affiliated Societies in numerous overseas territories including USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Jamaica. All Clan Farquharson Societies are membership based, operate independently yet collaborate openly in the interests of preserving the clan's heritage and inspiring an ever-increasing audience.






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